Another South Australian champion will be crowned this weekend, with the running of the SA Title for the AMCA Nationals with thanks to Active Motor Wreckers.

14 drivers have nominated for the event, including reigning champion Tim Reidy, SA’s John Stumann and Brydon Bradley, plus several visiting teams from Tasmania and Victoria. The format will see drivers contest 3 rounds of heats before the 30 lap feature event.

The night will also feature the 8th and final round of this season’s Ausloans Finance Strathalbyn Track Championship, with Modlites, V6 Sprints, Wingless Sprints and Junior Sedans all racing for their final chance to claim points towards the championship. Street Stocks (non points) complete the nights action.

Gates open at 4pm, with racing on track from 5pm.

Photo: Savage Shots Photography

Saturday, April 20
– Ausloans Finance Strathalbyn Track Championship Round 8
– AMCAs SA Title
– Street Stocks
– Junior Sedans
– Modlites
– V6 Sprints
– Wingless Sprints

Opening/Start Times
Pit Sign-In – 1pm
Main Gates Open – 4pm
Pit Party 1pm-4.30pm (via Pit Entry)
Racing from 5pm


AMCA Nationals SA Title:
SA 1 Tim Reidy
SA 42 John Stumann
SA 51 Brydon Bradley
Vic 0 Malcolm Crick
Vic 6 Michael Kiraly
Vic 7 Frank Thierry
Vic 8 Stephen Hopkins
Vic 23 Paul Howard
Vic 24 Darren McCarthy
Vic 28 Paul Sullivan
Vic 69 Shannon Hilder
Vic 97 Stewart Grant Campbell
Vic 99 Justin Richardson
Tas 13 Rodney Bassett
Tas 64 Adrian Jones

SA 5 Riley Greig
SA 7 Neela Fear-Wright
SA 9 Lachlan Brown
SA 14 Brodie Reichstein
SA 19 Mayson Cadd
SA 21 Demi Jennings
SA 22 Violet Thorne
SA 24 Seth Greig
SA 25 Bree McAllister
SA 31 Jayden Garner
SA 56 Ollie Bartlett
SA 91 Henry Brumfield
SA 96 Hannah Harris

SA 2 Anthony Buchanan
SA 3 Keithy Moore
SA 6 Grant Harris
SA 9 Ben Tuttle
SA 11 Ryan Buchanan
SA 14 Nigel Reichstein
SA 17 Carey Weston
SA 19 Phil Watson
SA 23 Ben Whitehead
SA 81 Wayne Kirley
SA 91 Darren Brumfield
MDA92 Matt LePoidevin
SA 112 Drew Flatman
SA 146 Lucas Warnett

S3 Jordi Miller
S5 Dylan Richter
S28 Jake Armstrong
S29 Jacob Carlier (TBC)
S32 Scott Webb
S41 Brian Chadwick
S45 Chris Ferguson
S73 Justin Chadwick

S4 Beau Allman
S6 Callum Crossing
S5 Damien Eve
S7 John Jnr Pfeiler
S8 Nick Hall
S9 Renee Pfeiler
S16 John Mackenzie
S17 Kym Simon
S36 Brenton Phillips
S61 Nathan Johns

S8 Darryl Sloan
S9 Normie Moore
S10 William Caruso
S18 Jenna Kervers
S19 Michael Spoljaric
S33 Lachlan Evans
S38 James Rodda
VX41 Aaron Kennett
S49 Darryl Knuckey
S53 Nicole Southby
NT55 Robert Heard
S55 Mason Merritt
S65 Steven Winwood
S66 Sam Martin
S72 Tom Norvill
S76 Casey Atkinson
S80 Bradley Vaughan
S82 Caleb Evans
S95 Andy Thomas
S97 Leanne Turner
S98 Hayden Vickers
S99 Michael Busby

It’s Your Speedway, SA!



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