This Saturday night will see a “South Aussie” affair with the running of the Wingless Sprints – TiBills SA Series Finale and the Junior Sedans South Australian Title at Murray Machining & Sheds, Murray Bridge Speedway.

35 cars have nominated for the fifth and final round of the Wingless Sprints State Series final with Rylan Furler, Jack McCarthy and Tyson Martin the Top 3 point-scorers heading into the weekend. Other drivers to watch include Joel Heinrich, Anthony Tapley and Sam Martin who have all shown good form over the last few MMS race meetings.

The South Australian Junior Sedan Title has also attracted an excellent field of cars, with 27 competitors nominating for the event. An exciting contest is on the cards and it will be interesting to see if regular ‘Bridge competitors Lachlan Brown (SA), Henry Brumfield (SA) and Summer Gessell (SA) along with Mildura duo Ryan Burns (MDA) and Declan Bolitho (MDA) can take it up to the interstate cohort.

Rounding out the action on the night are the Formula 500s in their ’65 Roses’ event in support of Cystic Fibrosis, while Junior Formula 500s also make a welcome return to the venue. Classics Saloons will also be on track for a series of demonstration runs.

Event tickets are on sale now via, with children under 12 free entry.

– Wingless Sprints – TiBills SA Series Finale
– Junior Sedans SA Title
– Formula 500s 65 Roses
– Junior Formula 500s
– Classic Saloons/Classic Super Sedans

Opening/Start Times:
Pit Sign-In: 1pm
Main Gates Open: 4pm
Pit Party: 1pm-4.30pm (via Pit Entry)
Racing: 5pm


Wingless Sprints –
S8 Darryl Sloan
S9 Tyson Martin
S10 William Caruso
S14 Matthew Tyler
S15 Kaitlin Vickers
S16 Joel Heinrich
S18 Jenna Kervers
S21 Matthew Kennedy
S23 Jack McCarthy
S24 Ross Miller
S25 Tyson Newton
S26 Rylan Furler
S33 Lachlan Evans
S38 James Rodda
S41 Bronson Mauro
S44 Daniel Evans
S47 Anthony Tapley
S49 Darryl Knuckey
S54 Alan Saint
NT55 Sharni Pitcher
S55 Mason Merritt
S56 Tate Cowie
S58 Nate Trewin
S65 Steven Winwood
S66 Sam Martin
S72 Tom Norvill
S80 Bradley Vaughan
S82 Caleb Evans
S84 Jesse Alexander
S85 Scott Vivian
S92 Thomas Walkom
S95 Andy Thomas
S97 Leanne Turner
S98 Hayden Vickers
S99 Michael Busby

Junior Sedans –
C 2 Jayden Hancock
P 5 Flynn Annett
Sa 6 Lachlan Brown
SA 7 Neela Fear-Wright
NT 8 Anthony Du Preez
WA 10 Mitch Binning
MDA 12 Ryan Burns
SA 12 Max Richter
P 12 Cruz Carlin
P 13 Jackson Warrener
SA 13 Summer Gesell
NT 21 Jacob Foley
Ax 23 Tamika Simpson
T 25 Emilie Williams
SA 31 Jayden Garner
MDA 32 Diesel Fallon
GFT 36 Indi Butcher
Gft 43 Jackson Bailey
AX 47 River Paterson
Nt 51 Jamie Jones
Mda52 Deklan Bolitho
SA 56 Ollie Bartlett
NT 81 Jessica Foley
Gft 86 Brock Stubbs
SA 91 Henry Brumfield
NW 96 Benji Gordon
NW 97 Jackson Gordon

Formula 500s –
S11 Nathan OShea
V14 Jett Speed
S21 Richard Schmidt
S22 Darren Richter
S27 Angelo Karoussis
S31 Harrison Pfitzner
S51 Simon Reichelt
S72 Corey Jones
V36 David Burleigh
V45 Dylan Anton
V48 Rusty Hickman
V49 Lachy Pickert

Junior Formula 500s –
V7 Hugo Chivell
V30 Aston Rodriguez
V43 Chevette Muir
V53 Zac Stevens
V63 Chase Muir
V78 Rowdy Andreatta
V83 Tyler Walters
V99 Talon Humphrey

Classics –
R5 Garry Pahl (Super Sedan)
WK25 Peter Dettloff (Saloon)
80 Barry Schmidt (Saloon)
HO19 John McIntosh (Saloon)
MDA18 Russell Brown (Saloon)
AS38 Andrew Hall (Super Sedan)

It’s Your Speedway, SA!



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