This coming weekend sees the new era of the Australian Sprintcar Masters begin at Murray Machining & Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway. The event which was previously staged at Virginia for over 30 years, will take place over two nights of racing on Saturday March 9 & Sunday March 10.

Saturday March 9 will feature Night 1 of the Masters, with the 25-lap preliminary feature including the annual Ross Wright Memorial. The Masters Champion will then be decided on Sunday March 10 in 40 lap feature that will pay $15,000 to the winner.

31 nominations have been received for the event which includes new Australian Champion Lockie McHugh, and former champions Jock Goodyer (2023) and Marcus Dumesny (2022). Several other interstate competitors also join the field including Brock Hallett, Jordan Charge, Jy Corbet and Tim Hutchins. While flying the flag for the South Aussies will see regular campaigners such as Matt Egel, Ryan Jones, Luke Dillon, Brendan Quinn and Chad Ely.

Wingless Sprints will also be in action for their annual marathon event – the Wingless Sprints 60 Lapper on March 9, with a Street Stocks Invitational providing the support action on March 10.

Canteen, food truck and bar facilities are available on the night.

Due to the forecasted hot weather, Saturday’s event will see a slightly later start time of 7pm, with gates opening at 6pm. Sunday’s event will begin at 6pm, with gates opening at the regular time of 4pm.

Tickets can be pre-purchased online at to avoid queues at the gate.

Australian Sprintcar Masters
Presented by Clearview Accessories

Saturday March 9
Australian Sprintcar Masters – Night 1 (incl. Ross Wright Memorial)

Wingless Sprints 60 Lapper
Pit Gates Open 4pm
Main Gates Open 6pm
Racing from 7pm

Sunday March 10
Australian Sprintcar Masters – Night 2

Street Stocks Invitational
Pit Gates Open 2pm
Main Gates Open 4pm
Racing from 6pm



Sprintcars –
A1 Lockie McHugh
S2 Craig Vanderstelt
S3 Ben Morris
Q5 Brock Hallett
S6 Jason Wilson
S7 Terry Pitt
T7 Tim Hutchins
NQ10 Jy Corbet
S10 Steven Caruso
S11 Scott Enderl
S14 Brendan Quinn
S16 Joel Heinrich
S20 Glen Sutherland
T22 Jock Goodyer
S24 Ricky Maiolo
S27 Daniel Pestka
S33 Mark Caruso
T33 Brody Appleby
S37 Terry Kelly
S38 Lachlan Mcdonough
V43 Corey Sandow
N47 Marcus Dumesny
S52 Matt Egel
V55 Parker Scott
V60 Jordyn Charge
S63 Ryan Jones
S72 Max Vidau
S78 Keke Falland
S81 Luke Dillon
S93 Mike Fox
S98 Chad Ely

Wingless Sprints –
S6 Tyson Newton
S7 Melissa Crouch
S8 Darryl Sloan
S9 Tyson Martin
S10 William Caruso
NT12 Daniel Dennis
S14 Brent Fox
S19 Michael Spoljaric
S21 Matthew Kennedy
S24 Ross Miller
S26 Rylan Furler
V30 Todd Moule
S33 Lachlan Evans
S38 James Rodda
S47 Anthony Tapley
S49 Darryl Knuckey
S52 Jason Bolitho
S55 Mason Merritt
S56 Tate Cowie
S57 Kirra-Lee Pitcher
S58 Nate Trewin
S66 Sam Martin
S71 Brett Ireland
V75 Michael Conlan
S76 Casey Atkinson
S80 Bradley Vaughan
S82 Caleb Evans
S84 Jesse Alexander
S85 Scott Vivian
S92 Thomas Walkom
S97 Leanne Turner
S98 Hayden Vickers

Street Stocks –
S17 Jackson Weston
S19 Phil Watson
S24 Curtis Brown
S45 Allen McFee
S97 Nick Hill
S114 Nigel Reichstein

Photo: KNJ Photography


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